" We've used Intermart's services exclusively for all of our web needs for over 15 years now.

Not only have all of our propeller brands been consistently ranking at the top of Google search during that time, their excellent graphic design skills and their ongoing AdWords account management have kept us on the leading edge ..."

Carol Healey, Solas New Zealand

INTERMART Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We specialise in SEO optimisation and have done since 1995. Our content development team uses a proven step-by-step approach to maximise your potential to rank on the search engines for a wide range of keyphrases. We dramatically increase your chances of success by focusing on creating high-quality content that is far more visually appealing, far more informative and far more engaging than your competitors.  

We also provide SEO consultation, mentorship and training on methods to optimise foundational online content as well as providing white label tools that we utilise in that process to the market at large.  All of our packages include in-page optimisation of schema, metadata and data tagging ...

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Management from $ 5 *  per day

Intermart specialises in online search marketing and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns that drive additional prospects and traffic to your website through search advertising, social media promotion and remarketing.

From Google Adwords campaigns to Facebook, Messenger or Twitter advertising, we know how to deploy effective marketing campaign strategies that turn your marketing goals into commercial realities. Best of all, we can do everything, from the creatives to the Adwords account management to daily bid optimisation. Our unique methods get the very best out of your marketing budget they secure long-term clients with commercial intent who purchase again and again. See more

Management from $ 8 *  per day

* Excluding GST. Minimum period 3 months

+  50% deposit

INTERMART AdWords Marketing


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New Zealand wide

New Zealand wide

Affordable Web Marketing Packages

What do copywriters really do?

Most people have a very vague idea of what the term "copywriting" means.  Yet it is all about conveying ideas and concepts so that your audience understands it easily.

We're not news reporters or journalists selling a story.  Our aim is to write easy-to-read, well-researched content, that concisely and skillfully communicates ideas more effectively to your audience.

What is content marketing?

Copywriting combines the art and skill in a form of wordplay. It exudes topical authority through creative catchphrases, terminologies and thought triggers designed to induce and ultimately to convert your target audience

Brands work with professional copywriters who are hone these words to write informative blogs, high quality articles, social media interaction and product descriptions. 

The continuity of the message and the current branding remaining paramount. These services can also include presentation scripts and speeches on a wide range of topics. 

Your website needs high quality content to not only perform well in the search rankings but provide the solutions your visitors are looking for.

Do I really need a Professional Copywriter?

Professional copywriting is now intrinsically related to search engine ranking. So if you want to rank well in a competitive niche you'll be generally competing with an SEO Professional who will be skilled in in-bound content optimisation.Our professional copy writing service is based in Christchurch New Zealand. Our team of content writers specialise in the preparation of vibrant content and prototyping that always stands out. Don’t be caught napping we can construct a prescription of powerful content that really speaks to your customers…

  • Web Site Content
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Pages & Posts
  • Press Releases
  • Email Marketing
  • Taglines/Catchphrases

Whether you’re based in Auckland, Wellington, or Christchurch we deliver on time, every time. Check out our other services below.

The Red Boats

Leading fishing charter services, dinner cruises and trips to the famous Riverhead tavern on Auckland harbour ranks #1 for 15 leading keyword phrases.

#Adwords #Webdesign #SEO #Auckland

AMT Mechanical

Leading commercial HVAC services and maintenance. Wasn't ranking in the top 100 when we began the project. Now ranks #1 for over 10 leading keyword phrases.

#Webdesign #SEO #Hosting #Auckland

TTC Recruiting

China based recruiting  agency with NZ connections that provides training and recruitment services in the Chinese market place. Included custom Powerpoint presentations.

#Webdesign #SEO #Presentations #China


Leading Christchurch based acupuncturist who specialises in moxibustion, cupping and traditional acupuncture. Ranks #1 for most keyword phrases.

#Webdesign #SEO #Hosting #Christchurch


Sustainable Initiatives Fund Trust. This trust administers seed funds for projects that encourage or create long-term environmental benefits in the Canterbury region.

#webdesign #SEO #Hosting #Christchurch

Fungus Cream .com

This state-of-the-art page funnel site. Includes an intuitive menu system that helps the site to engage, respond and convert better. Custom built desktop and mobile templates

#webdesign #fastfunnel #SEO #Adwords


AdWords Management*  

6 .50


Advert Development

Account Management/Setup

Bid Optimisation

Daily Monitoring

Google Analytics

Landing Page Optimisation

5 .00


Rank monitoring

Content Development

Search Engine Optimisation

Major Keyword Phrases

Schema tag integration


SEO Optimisation*

10 .00


SEO Ranking & Monitoring

AdWords Campaign Development

AdWords Account Management

Google Analytics Reporting

Facebook Ad Management

Landing Page Optimisation

AdWords PLUS*

* Minimum package period 3 months. Standard websites only

+ Up to 5 individual campaigns


per day

* Minimum package period 9 months

*  Minimum package period 12 months.  $45 saving per month

per day

per day

Prices are subject to change without notice. Special conditions apply


from keyword research to campaign development & Management



Adwords Account Setup

All of our Adwords packages include an initial account setup including a single campaign optimisation and adgroup development. This includes the integration of Google Analytics and setting up account wide conversion tracking.

Keywords are the starting point of any Adwords campaign. We use Keyword Planner, Google Analytics and other industry leading tools to create a keyword set for use with your campaigns. This thematic targeting includes an industry analysis of your main competitors.

Keyword research & analysis



Ad development & bidding

Experience takes time and we've been optimising Adwords accounts for over 15 years. Ad development is based around effective keyword research coupled with effective headlines and body copy.  All of our packages include a tactical bidding strategy that has consistently kept our clients ahead on the pack.  We stay in close contact with the Google Partners team to stay on top of any new developments.

Sales funnels are the most critical element in your Adwords marketing strategy. Pages need to load blazingly fast especially when you're paying for them. They also need to engage your audience and naturally lead to conversions and sales

Landing page optimisation



Copywriting Services

Content Development by Intermart

High quality content is a major ranking factor. Succeed online. Call 021 230 6736