Visibility is vital to your online marketing success whether its through SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) or Adwords® YouTube® or Facebook Marketing®  

Virtual SEO Partners

SEO is the primary form of visibility online. We are highly experienced SEO experts having optimised search positioning and ranking for a wide range of keyword terms for over 22 years. Apart from initially positioning your site effectively, we offer monthly maintenance packages where we act as a virtual partner maintaining and improving your position in the long term whether its changes in the algorithms or responding to your competition.

Experienced Marketers

We also have over 15-years experience in developing successful Adwords® campaigns and account management. We have a strong association with the Adwords® team and follow new developments in the industry very closely. We have managed well over a million dollars of AdWords ads over the past 10 years factors involved to tailor a profitable marketing solution for you and your business whether you're driving traffic from Adwords® Facebook® or Google search, we work as virtual team partners where we bring our talents and abilities to the table.

Social Media Marketing

Over recent years we have also integrated Facebook® optimisation as a part of our services, not only for the development and optimisation of business pages, but in crafting articles, adverts and power boosts to make the most out of your campaign budget.

Interactive Video Marketing

We also have a strong background in multimedia, presentation and interactive video production that can boost your visibility on channels such as YouTube® Slideshare® and Vimeo® Whether you're needing advice or implementation we have the right digital marketing packages to suit your needs.

Creativity, Catchphrases and Conversions

Primarily our main point of difference is that we are highly-skilled wordsmiths who know how to craft creative ideas that not only catch the eye of your audience but to hold their attention with skillfully crafted content. We frame catchphrases and calls to action skillfully within our content keeping any distraction onsite to a minimum and to keep your visitor fully focused on your sales pitch.

Analysing the Analytics

And it doesn't stop there. Designing landing pages or sales funnels requires a thoughtful analysis of the various factors involved to tailor a profitable marketing solution for you and your business whether you're driving traffic from Adwords® Facebook® or Google search, we work as virtual team partners where we bring our talents and abilities to the table.

Traffic with Commercial Intent

We look to frame your expectations to suit your marketing purposes such as targeting qualified traffic with genuine intent and integrating strong brand recognition strategies within your demographic.

Collaborative thinking

Sure, we'll bring some innovative ideas to the table but most of all we'll listen, so we can formulate a viable marketing strategy that will extend your market visibility online.

Communication and engagement

Times have changed and Google's ranking-factors alone demand fast, accessible sites that work perfectly on every device, are fully secured and genuinely communicate with your visitors. We don't just make our sites responsive by default we custom-build your mobile template as part of the deal.

Marketing systems that work

Web sites also need autoresponders and upsells if you sell online. Without them it becomes like a logistical nightmare especially when your site experiences a traffic spike. This is why scalable funnel systems can absorb that extra interest and keep the conversation going with with your clients not only initially but in the long term. 

These automated systems really do make life easier for us, but best of all they provide you with a vehicle to directly market back to your audience via your ever-increasing mailing list of prospects that have either purchased your products, or registered an interest in them.

" We've used Intermart's services exclusively for all of our web needs for over 15 years now.

Not only have all of our propeller brands been consistently ranking at the top of Google search during that time, their excellent graphic design skills and their ongoing AdWords account management have kept us on the leading edge ..."

Carol Healey, Solas New Zealand



Our virtual agency employs staff all around the globe from here in Christchurch, to Vietnam and Chicago. We also provide white label services to leading agencies in New Zealand. This way you don't have to pay for fancy offices.


We produce groundbreaking content that really gets noticed. It's because we've effectively taken the copy out of copywriting by intentionally producing body content that include triggers tha inspires your visitors to take action.


We are considered innovative pioneers of the web design industry in New Zealand. We began producing professional websites in 1996 after being considered one of the top multimedia companies in the country.


Our director, Peter Hatherley is considered an expert in the SEO field after creating a groundbreaking SEO algorithm called CISE. Be sure to follow his collection of tips and hints available on G+



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We specialise in building fast, easy-to-use web sites that really do the business online. We use best web design practises to make sure your website gets seen and heard.


Strategic SEO optimisation and digital marketing campaigns that produce more qualified prospects and leads with commercial intent from Google to AdWords© to Facebook© and beyond.


Getting your sales pitch right takes time and skill. Our creative, sales based copywriting integrates powerful headlines and subtle calls-to-action that will genuinely increase levels of engagement and conversion

The Red Boats

Leading fishing charter services, dinner cruises and trips to the famous Riverhead tavern on Auckland harbour ranks #1 for 15 leading keyword phrases.

#Adwords #Webdesign #SEO #Auckland

AMT Mechanical

Leading commercial HVAC services and maintenance. Wasn't ranking in the top 100 when we began the project. Now ranks #1 for over 10 leading keyword phrases.

#Webdesign #SEO #Hosting #Auckland

TTC Recruiting

China based recruiting  agency with NZ connections that provides training and recruitment services in the Chinese market place. Included custom Powerpoint presentations.

#Webdesign #SEO #Presentations #China


"From the look and feel, to the written content and ease-of-use, your site has to say exactly the right things to your audience."



Leading Christchurch based acupuncturist who specialises in moxibustion, cupping and traditional acupuncture. Ranks #1 for most keyword phrases.

#Webdesign #SEO #Hosting #Christchurch


Sustainable Initiatives Fund Trust. This trust administers seed funds for projects that encourage or create long-term environmental benefits in the Canterbury region.

#webdesign #SEO #Hosting #Christchurch

FungusCream .com

This brand-new FastFunnels site has international target markets in the US, England and Australia. Includes an intuitive menu system that helps the site to convert better.

#webdesign #fastfunnel #SEO #Adwords

Intermart has been developing state-of-the-art websites that produce qualifiable SEO results since 1996. We understand the subtleties of building successful websites and what's happening is the world of SEO. Our innovative search-orientated copywriting and digital marketing strategies ensure that your web site gets seen. Yet it's not all about search visibility your site must convert your visitors into paying clients, especially if you really want to get financial returns from your online investment.


Intermart's web design team works in tandem with you to thoughtfully consider innovative ways where your website might stand-out from the pack. From skillfully crafted headlines to body copy that inspires your prospects into action we pay close attention to the finer details such as winning the battle to getting your listing clicked in the search results or to be found through semantically targeted remarketing on high profile pages with both AdWords and Facebook.


One of most foundational factors in best practice website design, or landing page developments, is speed. Whether it's in preloading your web site or loading internal clicks everything needs to be blazingly quick and ultimately simple to use. 

Experienced web designers pay close attention to detail and realise the pressing need for sites to load fast and to deliver information on demand, in a structured, intuitive way is paramount.

Your site needs to load in less than 3-seconds!

Online advertisers can lose up to 40% of their Click-Through Traffic due to poor website performance. Just imagine paying for 40 out of every 100 prospects who never even get to see your website. It's absolutely crazy!

Most sites are hosted on shared servers where load speeds can vary hour by hour. Consistency in performance and structural design is priceless to any online marketing venture. Our CDN based network loads blazingly fast anywhere in the world whether in Christchurch or Chicago.

So how would you feel if you had a landing page that consistently performed at 100/100 on the Google Page Speed Tests, What would that really be worth to you? 

These hyper-fast landing pages are the perfect safety net for paid advertising. Not only do they save you money they make sure you're not losing any traffic whatsoever.

So by designing code-smart web sites everyone wins...

You as the customer, your clients and ourselves. It's a win-win situation, especially if the right design protocols are adhered to, and that takes genuine experience.

We provide complete web design solutions for our clients from the hosting to the delivery. By carefully considering your niche industry and innovative design solutions to make you succeed online.


Think of it, you could recover  the cost of building a Fast Funnel in a matter of weeks. Don't wait a minute longer, save those wasted clicks and up your conversion rates in the process.

*Special Conditions Apply

Tests based on optimisation criteria such as avoidance of landing page redirects, above the fold content, image compression, elimination of render blocking javascript & CSS. On some occasions due to fluctuations these can vary between 95/100 - 99/100



Fast loading, engaging sites build authority and trust

Our unique, synchronistic approach is built off a proven formula designed to increase interactivity and engagement on the page itself. It includes features like on-page pop-up forms and information tabs on demand, without even leaving the sales funnel. Yet most importantly it harvests your prospects, right from the outset, providing you not only with their contact details but compiling a mailing list database for future use.

And we don't even have to be your web design team to create one of these for you. It only takes a tweak in your Adwords or Facebook  URL to get it active and because it is served from our servers it can be managed by us independently.

100/100 Google Speed Test Guarantee *


Copywriting is the classic misnomer because the best kind of content isn't copied it's fresh, invigorating and compellingly new. 

Clever Wordplay synchronises with your audience

Nothing beats a play on words or clever wordsmithing when it comes to advertising online.

Framing interest with intent

The best headlines win the prize and rather than just being cheesy clickbait they create a genuine hunger to be satisfied appropriately when they hit your landing page. But it doesn't stop there, getting more traffic is great but conversions are far better.

Unique content is a ranking factor

In fact, Google rates unique content as a SEO ranking factor these days so that factor alone can lift your website well ahead of the pack. Copying is pointless in this environment.

Contextual pattern matching

Our tests indicate that their recently introduced algorithm called RankBrain scans for specific letter patterns within semantic subcategories to calculate whether it is likely that any newly categorised words match those patterns. This allows their machine learning algorithm to connect and gauge their contextual alignment even if it is new.

Schema and Metatags

Everything needs to match from the topical content to the schema and meta tags to the wording within the page. These subtle, persuasive elements build authority and credibility and build engagement with your visitors in the process.

Everything is connected

As Leonardo daVinci, once famously said, "...everything is connected." Yet I might add, some things are more connected than others. We aim to capture that synchronicity of terms within your content, with every context.

Cutting-edge SEO Wordsets

Thankfully, we have created state-of-the-art tools to isolate both these semantic and thematically letter-matched connections for your industry, product or service. We call these composite industry sets, SEO Wordsets.

To cut a long story short, we have invested a lot of time and effort working out what these patterns are and have produced our own algorithms to mine these priceless vocabulary sets. 

Floating context that inspires

These SEO Wordsets match semantically-based connections linking words and concepts thematically. The software also isolates floating context by letter patterns and context linking words like currency with flow and body language with 'website design and development'.

Semantic SEO on steroids

These highly effective sets have been sold to local agencies, marketing teams and creative writers all around the globe since 2012. So if you're looking to purchase your own set to write your own content, please click here to buy.

It's definitely not about keyword stuffing or utilising a myriad of keyword variations that apocalypse is just around the corner. It's about generating ideas and seed thoughts that make you stand out in the crowd rather than just fitting in.

Better professionally done

Even though these SEO Wordbanks lay the perfect platform to be write creatively, thinking takes time and knowing what you're looking for within these mastersets is paramount. The agencies we supply, for instance, have all been professionally trained to integrate these concepts far more effectively in their content than a non-professional would.

These latent entities and concepts provide the foundational wording for your content and circumvent the need for the excessive use of Schema in your code. 

Clarity through consultation

Sure, we can work with any unstructured content you throw at us too but that generally requires time too, especially if you want to get the results that most businesses expect from an effective sales-based website.​ Best of all, we can do it all from design to completion unlike many other web development companies who rely on you to provide the content upfront. 

The best bit is that our ground-breaking CISE Powerscan software allows us to sort and configure all your unstructured notes so you can get a perfect overview of the concepts presented by all parties and by producing this composite result as a focus point we can extract stand-out ideas for the final content

After our initial consultations, we begin to form a construct of your unique story as the basic framework for your website and then produce your unique vocabulary set of these SEO-friendly powernyms, that have been created specifically for your project. 

These Topic Models express your passion,  present all the benefits, expose both the problems and the solutions and build trust and authority in your market niche.

* Powernyms are highly related authority terms within a given niche subject 


Free 30 minute consultation and fixed quotes

We'll check out your site and report back on your speed rating. Even some of the leading developers in Christchurch have failed the test with scores of 60/100 or less. Attention to detail pays off. Optimise your website performance with Intermart's Fast Funnels now


Never waste your time and money building a website that looks exactly the same as your competition. 

Here at Intermart, we'll never take a one-size-fits-all approach to designing web sites. Our creative team designs and builds unique award-winning websites that center around thoughtfully considered branding and that provide a genuine edge in your marketplace.

Website design is an art form. Professional web design is the process of creating websites that are designed to promote your local business or services. Website development, on the other hand, focuses more specifically on custom coding and hosting web pages.

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Whether you're developing some landing pages or building an online store, or writing compelling copy for online sales funnels that can convert your prospects into clients, we can help.  

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