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Get the edge you need to succeed online

SEO Plus is a radically successful package that helps identify the most effective keywords and entities to drive traffic and sales to your website by using a combination of keyword research, topical structuring, content strategy, usability testing, and link building strategies.

Sure, you’ve been working away at it for months even years, but you’re still not attracting the number of customers you want. You spend hours thinking about how you can make your business grow faster, but you’re still not getting any closer to the results you desire.  Even worse, maybe you're wasting money on Google Adwords with badly written landing pages that aren't performing as well as they should!

Search listings are not pay-per-click they're free-per-click and SEO is the very means to make that happen.

Visibility is paramount

Sales rely on inbound traffic, which can only be obtained by being visible in search engine results. Furthermore, you will not get conversions if you don't get effective engagement. 

Turn your website into a powerful lead generator.

Our team of SEO experts can not only help you get far higher rankings on Google Search for the keywords that count, but you'll also get more leads, more engagement and ultimately more sales.

Our sales-based content converts your incoming leads into long-term clients through the use of compelling calls to action that appear in exactly the right place at the right time.

Get heaps of targeted traffic

Get more targeted traffic by employing our competitive SEO forensics that tracks commercial intent and usability that allows us to make the very most of those valuable metrics.

Smart Site Structures that work better

Creating a topical hierarchy that cluster your keywords more effectively allows an opportunity to rank more pages more specifically topic by topic. Unfortunately, many sites are far too cluttered and topically impotent to take advantage of their golden opportunity, even if they do get seen for a few seconds.

Digital Marketing Services that reach your market

As a local business owner, buying into our monthly SEO packages means you’ll be leveraging 25-years of digital marketing experience. We've been converting informational websites and eCommerce channels into successful sales funnels that turn prospective leads into long-term clients since 1996.

We track your results and pinpoint opportunities to improve ROI for your business through heat mapping and pixel tagging.

Look! There are no fixed contracts

Best of all, as SEO Experts, we completely trust our search marketing processes and SEO strategy that there is no fixed term for SEO Plus unlike many of our competitor's packages.

Increase your Engagement and Conversion

The most important part of getting greater online visibility comes from providing innovative digital media that genuinely engage your audience. Getting seen in the page results is important but engagement and conversion are far more important. 

Intermart's deep on-site engagement is sure to increase your sales levels and dwell times from your potential target audience.

Calls to Action that make your business thrive!

You may be able to write highly informational content and smart metatags that get you to the top of Google for your chosen search phrases and keywords, but will it convert your leads that visit your website, into customers?

Creating CTAs that work is absolutely vital to your bottom line. That's why our  on-page content optimisation really differentiates us from our competitor's search ranking techniques in 2021

Brand Development that makes you stand out

Crafting an effective story for your brand keeps your visitors engaged. In fact, it is our number one priority to position our client's products and services top of mind for their visitors

By focusing on creating great content without having to worry about SEO and other issues that can come up during a campaign. You'll get consistent, high-quality work from our team of experienced copywriters with years of experience in web development and design.

Yet most web developers just copy other content and say the same thing in a slightly different way. We, on the other hand, take a completely different approach. We craft a message that really stands out from the crowd.

Online Advertising that works

Interestingly, a unique stand out message mirrors the same formula used in successful TV advertising. As we all know, no one takes any notice of the same-old, same-old advert, and it's the same with websites, your story has to be radically different to be noticed. 

Keyword-stuffing and link building is not enough to cut it these days, and perhaps it never really was. Yet most professional SEO tools on the market still continue to focus on filling topical gaps which in the end does little for your bottom line.

Technical SEO that does the business

Best practice Technical SEO is absolutely vital. Primarily your website has to be fast because site speed is now a ranking factor. Within a few months, site usage is also going to become one of the major rankings factors, according to the Google team. 

Images and scripts need to be compressed to load fast. The truth is that if your page doesn't load in 3-seconds or have an interesting meta description they're gone with the wind.

SEO Management at its best

We keep a very close eye on Google's algorithm updates and react to them well in advance. We also check the necessary metrics and tweak your content as required on a daily basis.

We hone our SEO techniques and services to take advantage of any significant changes. Thankfully, the Google SEO team provides updates on the factors they will be focusing on in the future that gives time to developers to respond appropriately.

Creative Content Marketing

Our copywriters deliver to your budget by finding genuine differences between your business and your competitors. We build stand-out creative content that showcases your unique selling points and digital media that has the sort of impact that will be noticed by Google.

Our writers can transform your target market with digital media techniques that really stick in your prospective client's mind. We focus on being conversational as if the lead is right there in the room with us.

Web design is not just about pretty pictures it’s more about what you’re saying. That is why our strategy of navigating the niches, one by one, is so important in increasing your website’s online reach.

We see every page as a potential sales funnel that provides solutions to the pressing questions regarding your industry. And the business that does it best takes the spoils. We optimise your content so that we can present what your business can do for the people who are interested in your services.

We serve our clients the best when we aim to primarily solve the pressing problems of their audience but only when you can help them to solve it effectively.

A lot of content is ineffective, even if it does rank, so we primarily aim to make your message more precise and to the point to keep you ahead of the pack.

That is why rich snippets work so well in search as they bring focus by providing quick and simple solutions putting reliable answers at the top of the search results. These highly sought after positions are termed as being position zero simply because they are higher than the organic search results

Our experience has shown that SEO should be user-based and our team has worked with this approach for a wide range of clients here in New Zealand, the US and in Australia. We have worked for corporate clients such as Sears and Exxon Mobil but we are just as much at home working with start-ups and SMEs advancing their SEO here in Christchurch, in Wellington, Auckland or anywhere else in New Zealand.

This is a great opportunity to take your site to the very next level by leveraging our expertise and our proprietary techniques in lifting your companies profile online

Creative Digital Media Production

We provide a digital media service that stands out for any kind of digital marking. We always aim to match digital advertising that will keep your prospects hanging to read your website content with ads on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram 

From creating stand-out, animated adverts on Facebook or Instagram we have the expertise and the insight to really make it happen but first and foremost your landing page needs to convert those leads with well-written content that engages, ranks and converts.

This includes developing compelling online quizzes and competitions that leverage your budget to gain extra sales and increase your brand awareness. We also pride ourselves in providing social media management that is second to none

Be sure to contact us to find out more. Call 021 230 6736 now!

Protect your online investment

If you’re looking to radically increase your organic leads with proven benchmarks that ensure that more of your search traffic turns into sales, you’ve come to the right place

White Label SEO

If you’re a digital marketing agency we can provide white label services for your clients that provide comprehensive monthly reporting under your brand that not only make you look good but can ensure your client’s audience is fully engaged and ready to buy. 

Book your Free SEO Audit

Perfect your organic search performance with Intermart. We provide website audits that isolate topical gaps or technical oversights that you may have in your current website. 

These highly valuable, free reports are based on leveraging the latest industry intelligence where we compare your ranking performance against your competitors.

These provide a snapshot of the technical aspects of your current SEO as well as off-page elements such as your backlink profile and your website's current performance on the search engines. 

We also evaluate the uniqueness of your content or any hidden plagiarism as that is a major factor in ranking today.

Our SEO consultants evaluate and isolate any potential requirements by utilising the latest and greatest SEO tools to perfect a strategic plan to reach your target audience.

Why Choose Intermart?

  • We are a highly experienced SEO Company.
  • We can isolate topical gaps over time.
  • We provide structural makeovers.
  • We integrate tagging for enhanced analytics.
  • We isolate link building opportunities. 
  • We utilise state-of-the-art AI and proprietary tools 
  • ​We comprehensively analyse your current organic listings
  • We continue to improve engagement to create a better sales to traffic ratio
  • We focus on improving individual page performance.
  • We optimise on-page content to maximise your online presence

Comprehensive SEO campaigns that keep you ahead of your competition 

Need a local SEO Agency that radically improves your search ranking on Google?

Want to rank higher? Get seen for less! 

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimisation, SEO is a great way of getting seen online. It can radically reduce your current Google Ads spend by reducing your dependence it. 

Getting high-ranking organic listings to have a powerful impact in complementing your online ad campaigns especially if you are prominent in both areas as it builds a far stronger brand image overall.​

We know how to improve your search rankings, not just talk about it, because we're had over 25 years of experience doing it. From technical SEO to keyword research, we've ridden all the Google algorithm updates and still have clients SEO rankings right up in the top 1-3 for a wide range of keywords and search queries for over 20 years.

We are a well-established, digital marketing company based in Christchurch, and have produced successful outcomes for hundreds of clients here in Christchurch, in Auckland, New Zealand, Australia, and the US. 

We produce powerful Search Engine Optimisation strategies, SEO campaigns and marketing strategies for major corporations as small to medium businesses here in Christchurch.

We're a Christchurch based SEO Agency  

You've got to be seen to be noticed.  Get seen faster with our radically effective SEO strategies and time-tested Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services. 

As SEO Experts we can transform your online business with powerful Search Engine Optimisation techniques that can rapidly improve your online authority, boost site engagement and expand your sales volume.

We deliver almost unbelievable results through our highly targetted Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Techniques and Strategies. Your business could be missing out on converting hordes of new clients and heaps of additional revenue if you don't already have an effective search marketing and management plan in place.

It's because we offer more than search engine visibility, we create compelling content that engages and converts your incoming leads like clockwork.

Intermart's innovative SEO Strategies will help drive your website right to the top of the rankings. Just check out what happened in 12-months for one extremely satisfied customer.

Do you want SEO results like this?

97% Search Visibility 

Ranking 1-3 for 33 Keyphrases!

Most things we do these days are instant but the reality is that SEO takes time. 

This is perfectly reflected in these off-the-planet metrics in a fiercely 

competitive market. 

We optimise on a month by month basis with no fixed contract because every project has different challenges.

Predictive SEO


Frequently Asked Questions about SEO. 

Search Engine Optimisation | AI based questions asked on Google

What is SEO? 

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimisation. SEOs are professionals who offer this service.

What is Search Engine Optimisation? 

SEO is a set of techniques and strategies that are utilised to improve your sites visibility.

Why do I need SEO? 

SEO gets your website to the top of the search engines and it vital to your online visibility without it you will not be seen on the search result pages.

What does SERP mean? 

A SERP is a Search Engine Results Page.

What are search optimisation services? 

There are 3-types of SEO. All are necessary to succeed online. 

  • On-page SEO. 
  • Off-page SEO. 
  • Technical SEO. 

What is search marketing? 

Search marketing involves SEO optimization and is otherwise known as Content Marketing.

What are conversion rates?

Conversion rates are the number of visitors that either buy, download or give you their email.

Is Google's algorithm important? 

Google changes its algorithm regularly even on a daily basis. They usually have 2-3 major updates a year so it's important to employ SEOs to keep on top of it.

What is content marketing? 

Content marketing is search marketing in another guise. Professional content development gets you seen in a wide range of places in search rather than just appearing for major search terms.

What is keyword research? 

Keyword research involves isolation of both the short-tail and long-tail queries that are commonly found in your industry.

What is anchor text? 

Anchor text is used to quickly reach relevant information within your website.

What is alt text? 

Alt-text is the description provided for images on your website. 

This is particularly useful for the search bots in analysing your content's relevance. These days Tensor Flow, an artificial intelligence algorithm for images can isolate whether these images are relevant or not or are merely keyword stuffing. 

What is black hat SEO? 

Dodgy SEO techniques such as irrelevant backlinks and keyword stuffing. 

What is organic traffic? 

Organic traffic is traffic generated by search engine listings. These business listings enhance your online visibility by gaining more website visitors. Rankings are vital in the current marketplace

Is keyword density important? 

Yes, but too many keywords is counterproductive . Getting that balance right is a fine art. Keyword searches indicate what your potential customers are looking for.

What is keyword stuffing? 

Putting too many repetitive keywords on a page. Google penalises this technique by making your website appear lower in the listings. 

Is page speed important for SEO? 

Very much so and in 2021 it's about to become more important than ever.

Should I do SEO long term? 

Doing short term SEO is a fools game. The goalposts are always shifting and you need an experienced SEO to keep you ahead of the pack to gain new customers. 

What is keyword analysis? 

Analysing the keyword density within a web page. 

What are Google ranking factors? 

Every year Google produces a guide for manual website evaluation. This guide includes over 200 factors. 

What are backlinks? 

Back links are relevant and reciprocal links to other websites. 

Are backlinks necessary? 

I have seen websites rank without back links to other sites yet it is considered best practice to use them.

Are metatags necessary? 

They are absolutely vital. Metadata acts as a compass to the bots. These include the title and the description of a page. If you don't include them Google will automatically generate these for you.

Does SEO generate additional traffic? 

Yes, but only if its visible. In general terms you need to be on the first page to attract new customers as the best results come from the top-3 listings.

How much does SEO service cost? 

In NZ the range is between $400-$800 per month excluding GST.

Is SEO still relevant in 2021? 

Extremely relevant. Christchurch businesses should take SEO far more seriously than ever before. Local search optimisation is a must especially in a COVID based economy

How long does SEO take to work? 

It depends. Your business should consider SEO optimisation on your website as an annual expense much like an advertising budget. Easing off may counteract your efforts over time as Google is continually shifting the goalposts.

SEO Plus Monthly Search Engine Optimisation Package - Christchurch

SEO Experts based in Christchurch

Our SEO company is based in Christchurch NZ. Our strategists know how to lead the pack when it comes to online positioning. 

We pride ourselves on utilising cutting edge techniques that produce more commercial leads and customers for your business. We walk the talk unlike many other web development companies in the Christchurch marketplace and have the record to prove it. ​

We have a long term international background having worked with large corporate clients such as Sears in the US and Exxon Mobil in Australia along with smaller innovative local companies such as VanLab and Pooman in NZ. We can take an average web design and turn it into an authority website in a matter of months.​

Our expertise extends to both Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing. We get the best bang for your budget, increasing your reach and additionally enhancing your website's sales performance through quizzes and compelling ads to drive traffic to your website. 

We analyse site usage and page results in depth using heat maps and other relevant technology combining social media integration and have also been highly successful with Google Adwords campaigns and management since its inception in 2001. 

On top of that, we have developed in-house SEO tools and algorithms that provide a smorgasbord of unique engaging content and catchphrases for your business that effectively keep your leads interested and ready to buy.​ In the end, our focus is to increase sales on your website. Get started now with our FREE SEO Audits.

We are just as happy to work behind the scenes or in front of them. We do discount white label services for local agencies, businesses and web developers here in Christchurch based on volume. This accounts for well over 50% of our business.​

Make our strength your own by taking advantage of our white label services.​

  • Experienced SEOs.
  • SEO Consultants.
  • SEM Marketing.
  • Content Marketing.

Cutting-edge SEO Tools

We utilise the following Google Tools

  • Assess Google Analytics 
  • Google Data Studio
  • Integrate Webmaster Tools
  • Adhere to Google's Guidelines
  • Utilise Rich Snippets Tester
  • Regular Speed Testing

Advanced SEO tools

State-of-the-art AI tools in house

We've invested in the world's best SEO apps.

Content Marketing 

Keywords Analysis with an edge

Our team specialises in SEO research and have a wide range of industry tools that can isolate the leading words and semantic entities in your industry.

  • Isolate the leading keyword queries
  • Target keywords with commercial intent
  • Increases your site's relevance
  • Enhanced engagement strategy
  • Builds trust and authority

Conceptual Engagement

Our unique content engages your audience we do this through in house tools that we have personally created to craft content that you can really trust to perform at the coal face.

Videos on You Tube

Focus on User Experience (UX)

  • We focus on how your users navigate
  • Ergonomic usage
  • Engagement tracking
  • Heatmap tracking
  • Media enhancement
  • Dwell time
  • Bounce rate
  • Conversion rate optimisation

​Answer Engine Optimisation (AEO)

  • Rich snippets development
  • Google Answer box development
  • Position Zero targetting

Lead Generation

  • Qualified Commercial Traffic
  • Increase Organic Visibility
  • Higher Rankings
  • CTR analysis
  • Competitive campaigns
  • Increased Leads and ROI

​​Search Engine Marketing

  • Search Engine Visibility
  • Experienced Digital Marketing 
  • Inbound Social Media
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Increase Website Traffic
  • Increase conversion​ rates
  • Web design services

Christchurch based SEO Service

  • Google My Business development
  • Experienced SEO Team servicing the Canterbury region
  • Zoom meetings available
  • Isolates Commercial Intent
  • Evaluates your competition
  • Grows your business
  • Optimised online media
  • Technical SEO experts

International SEO

  • Global CDN Integration 
  • Organic listings in other countries
  • Experienced International SEO Agency

​Technical SEO

  • Best practice SEO techniques
  • Build domain authority
  • Optimise On-page SEO
  • H1 Headers
  • Anchor Text optimisation
  • Alt-text descriptions
  • Smart Internal linking
  • Creative Page titles
  • Enhanced metadata descriptions
  • Internal Meta tags
  • Google Tag optimisation
  • Smart Schema integration

​Off page SEO

  • Industry based link building
  • Source outbound links
  • Source inbound links
  • Placed in relevant business directories

SEO Forensics

  • Overuse of keywords
  • Unrelated Backlinks
  • Optimised entities
  • Plagiarism 
  • Black Hat SEO

SEO Blog posts by Peter Hatherley

Enhanced Search Engine Positioning

Our monthly SEO packages improve your search engine rankings with no hidden surcharges. We are consistently researching and screening current SEO trends by scrunching the numbers to see if specific techniques work. 

  • We comprehensively analyse your current search engine results 
  • We consistently enhance Search Engine Ranking for all our clients
  • We continue to progressively produce higher site ranking over time
  • We focus on improving individual page rankings not just the home page.
  • We optimise on-page content to rank on all the major Search Engines

Intermart offers a wide range of Christchurch SEO Services to rank you higher, increase engagement and ultimately convert your leads into sales. Make the right choice ...

Call us today on 021 230 6736