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Professional web design in Christchurch since 1996

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Web Design Christchurch

Want to build an intuitive website with real visibility?

Well, here at Intermart Digital we do things a little differently. We aim to provide unique experiences, for unique companies with unique requirements. We don’t just copy websites like some other web designers do. We make highly engaging sites that intentionally aim to fast track our clients to a higher visibility in their industry. Good design is not just about graphics, it’s about ease of use, navigation and the overall quality of the design.

The body language of your website is vital. It has to speak to your audience, have a nice look and feel, and have code under the hood that satisfies industry standards and best practices. People always love websites that are visually attractive, that provide the right options at the right time. They like sites that load quickly, that are concise and easy to read, they like to find relevant information that matches their initial query or interests, as quickly and efficiently as possible, so we set out to make sure that your website does all of these things to enhance your brand impact in the digital arena, to really produces the outcomes that you’re hoping for with your investment.

Who are we?

Intermart Digital is a leading web design agency based in Christchurch who have created and deployed hundreds of successful websites throughout New Zealand, Australia, Europe and the US, over the past 20 years. We specialise in developing state-of-the-art digital marketing and advertising strategies for AdWords, Facebook and Google that can radically increase your turnover. Our creative team produces thoughtfully written, high-quality, interactive websites that are not only search engine friendly but are also highly informative and engaging but that effectively future-proof your investment.

Our professional designers, in tandem with our SEO-based copywriters, have the skills to produce stunning web templates, animations, headlines and banners that are specifically targetted to capture your visitor’s attention and to help them find what they’re looking for.

Will we listen?

We believe in communicating with our clients, we’re not the type of design agency that disappears for weeks on end and doesn’t reply to your emails. In fact, we’re here to help, to listen and to learn, especially during the creative process. By committing to this methodology we can truly create the type of website that will effectively express your message in the marketplace. We believe that an inclusive, transparent environment works best for all parties, so we make a commitment from the outset to consider ourselves as virtual members of your marketing team

Whatever your budget, whether you’re a small business needing an e-commerce site or a corporation needing a mega site, we know how to maximise your marketing spend whether you need a state-of-the-art website, a sales funnel or just want to build your presence on social media, we have the experience and expertise to make your online vision a reality and can advise you what it takes to get there.

We intentionally build websites to help people

We’ve created scalable state-of-the-art websites that utilise a technically advanced form of simulated intelligence that communicates with your customers on the fly. Well-designed websites always take these issues into account. They seemingly understand their visitor’s needs, their frustrations and objections. We create site and blog content that effectively answers any queries your visitor might have on the fly.

Semantic marketing is all about communicating the right information to the right people at the right time. By building semantic profiles, Google and Facebook are able to provide a more targetted experience for their visitors and we know how to leverage that knowledge directly. By asking highly specific questions, at the very right time, we can communicate more efficiently with our clients so we can point them in precisely the right direction and give them ample opportunities to make qualified decisions both quickly and intuitively. 

Google rewards uniquely crafted content ahead of reworked concepts that all your competitors are using. Body language is just as important to the search bots, so all our web design packages include industry compliant, SEO search optimisation which means you’ll be sure to be visible on the search engines for your leading keyword queries.

We build sites like silo structures through our topic modelling software that lead more naturally to in-depth information when and if required. By modelling information strategically around tangible pillar content we can offer your visitors a far more intuitive way to navigate your site rather than merely providing links and menus simply for the sake of it. To us, engagement is far more important than search ranking because it will convert more of your incoming traffic into paying customers.

Cutting-edge code and site hosting

WordPress is the world’s leading website management platform. Programmers produce more specialist plugins for this platform than for any other on the planet which ultimately reflects itself in cost-effective updates and instant access to new features down the track. From a security perspective, we continually future-proof your website against any new security threats by immediately apply fixes as soon as they become available.

Our design packages also include website hosting, email services, technical support, and domain registration after your site launch. Talk to us about our monthly packages if you want to spread out your budget.

You’ll have your own account manager

Our account managers are always accessible and ready to help you with anything you might need during the production process.

Call us now to discuss your web design needs or any questions you might have on +64 3 981 9342.

…remember the marketing

  • State-of-the-art design
  • Responsive mobile template
  • In-depth industry research
  • Professional SEO copywriting
  • Sales funnel integration
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Usability testing
  • Up to 6-Pages
  • Starting from $4000* NZD

Nothing makes you look better than a blazingly-fast website that displays perfectly on every device, engages your audience with informative content and is ultimately easy-to-use…

But is that enough? A stunning website without a viable marketing plan is like having a masterpiece locked up in a vault that no one ever sees. Visibility is everything because in the world of digital marketing if you never get seen, you’ll never be heard.

We know what it takes to rank well on the search engines and specialise in creating thought-provoking headlines, engaging storylines engineered to grow your marketing momentum online. We closely monitor your media performance and can provide innovative ideas to extend your brand exponentially.

  • * Plus GST for NZ customers

Faster Landing Pages Worldwide

Does your landing page load in less than 3-seconds?

Online advertisers can lose up to 40% of their Click-Through Traffic due to poor website performance. Just imagine paying for 40 out of every 100 prospects who never even get to see your website.

Most sites are hosted on shared servers where load speeds can vary hour by hour. Consistency in performance and structural design is priceless to any online marketing venture. Our CDN based network loads blazingly fast anywhere in the world whether in Christchurch or Chicago.

So how would you feel if you had a landing page that consistently performed at 100/100 on the Google Page Speed Tests, What would that really be worth to you? What could it be worth to each and every advertising campaign you run.

Experienced web designers pay close attention to detail and realise the pressing need for an advertised site to load blazingly fast and to deliver the right information on demand. These hyper-fast landing pages are the perfect safety net for paid advertising.  Not only do they save you money they make sure you’re not losing any traffic whatsoever.

Best of all we can set it up directly within your AdWords of Facebook accounts without even bothering your web developer

So by implementing code-smart sales funnels, everyone wins…

You as the customer, your clients and ourselves also. It’s a win-win-win situation, especially if the right design protocols are adhered to.

Do it now …

Call us for a chat and coffee. Our initial 60-minute consultations are totally complimentary so there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain. After a quick squizz at your current Adwords account we’ll produce a working scope that outlines the expected milestones for completing your brand redevelopment.

Click the contact button or phone us directly to plan an appointment on +64 3 981 9342

Better be quick. Speed pays off

There’s a 1000 factors behind good web page design but first up you better be quick because slow loading landing pages can cost you up to 40% of your marketing budget, that’s why we guarantee blazingly-fast performance for every Fast Funnel we design and serve worldwide.

  • Unique subdomain URLs
  • 100/100 Google Speed Test Scores
  • Built in Autoresponders
  • Builds Mailing lists
  • Higher Google Adwords Quality Scores
  • Starting from $600* NZD
  • * Plus GST for NZ customers

Website redesign Christchurch

When it comes to redesigning your site branding it makes sense to work with an experienced graphic design team with innovative ideas and an eye for detail.

We specialise in producing brands that get noticed for all the right reasons. Brands that connect with their product range intrinsically and convey your essence at a glance. From the logo design to the choice of fonts, the templates and the headers we pay attention to the smallest of details so that the foundational nature of your brand achieves exactly what you want it to do. It’s brand recognition that counts in the end and we know exactly how important that is to online marketing.

Capturing your essence in a brand logo

We ultimately aim to capture the very essence of your company but good things take time and we don’t rush into it lightly. We prefer to build an image of your latent branding potential by having in-depth meetings and discussing the value points in your business model. We have exclusive in-house tools that can additionally check your existing brand for any hidden flaws that may be latently embedded in it. We can even test projected brand options so you can effectively compare apples to apples before making your final choice.

brand optimisation intermartBrands have a huge subconscious effect on business that few medium size web design companies really take the time to notice. For example, the Novopay debacle here in NZ subconsciously included the terms no pay, over pay and never pay in the underlying layers and that was eventually what happened to it. Brexit is another prime example of a branding that had no other conclusion than Britain exiting the EU.

So be sure to take advantage of our free brand check to see if your brand is really attracting the type of impact you want or if it is counterproductive

Catchphrases count

As highly qualified wordsmiths, marketers and designers we understand the intrinsic value of a catchphrase or tagline, the effect of your colour choices, your design template and much more. We study and present neuroscientific insights on social media regarding how the human psyche works when it comes to branding and why conceptual clarity really helps to build an ever-increasing authority and resonance in the marketplace

Customised Design Templates

We have a huge library of web design templates that can be custom-designed to reflect your brand to perfection and can advise appropriately. Branding is vital in the current digital environment. The media you use, the colours and the choice of fonts and most importantly your logo

Need a rebrand?

No problem. We can take an existing site and rebrand it. Logo and all. Be sure to ask your account manager or digital strategist what it takes to go to the next level.  We recommend that templates are updated or tweaked quite regularly in order to be competitive. Contemporary templates can really improve your body language and tend to include new features that improve site performance quite apart from the look and feel.

User Experience counts

Our creative team are all qualified graphic designers who understand the importance of interactivity and user experience (UX). We utilise the world’s best performing templates and customise them to suit. Our copywriters are all locally based professionals who understand the necessities of honing user experience through heat map testing and analytical analysis. In fact, tools like Google Analytics and others can provide huge pointers into where brands are failing and where they’re succeeding

Do it now …

Call us for a chat and coffee. Our initial 60-minute consultations are totally complimentary so there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain. After we understand exactly what you’re trying to achieve with your brand we’ll produce a working scope that outlines the expected milestones for completing your brand redevelopment.

Click the contact button or phone us directly to plan an appointment on +64 3 981 9342

Website Rebranding Package

Every site needs a remake now and then and so does your brand. Keeping your brand fresh is vital in today’s environment especially in competitive industries. Whether you need a logo or stunning graphics our virtual team has the skillset to make your online presence stronger and more vibrant.

  • Custom designed template
  • In-depth Industry research
  • Creative SEO copywriting
  • Sales funnel integration
  • User experience testing
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Starting from $3500* NZD
  • * Plus GST for NZ customers

Copywriting New Zealand wide

Do you want well-written content that ranks?

If you’re needing engaging digital media for an article, a blog post, a landing page or an email promotion you’ve come to exactly the right place.

Our commitment to writing high-quality copy includes in-depth research on your local or international marketplace and provides direct access to our highly successful CISE based SEO Wordsets that provide an extensive industry vocabulary for any niche that allows us to primarily build pillar content and highly convincing content depth for any subject on Google or beyond and it doesn’t stop there our Graphic Design team has an eye for resonance and can produce the perfect graphic or video to enhance your impact

We can work off a bullet-point brief, a wireframe or even a collection of random notes. No brief is too small but remember, the more you do to prepare your brief the less it will cost you in the end. If you want a landing page rewritten, a new landing page or in-depth product descriptions, please, unless you’re a professional copywriter …

Don’t do it yourself

Because when it comes to writing articles, blog posts and email mailouts, designing high-quality online content for specific industry niches isn’t as easy as it seems on the surface. We all know how to write but how many of us can get our point across like a professional copywriter or skilled freelancer can?

Unfortunately, it’s where most sites fall short because they fail to engage the reader even at the headline level. They tend to get too wordy or drift off point and when that happens you’ve lost them. The reality is that you need to engage your visitors with pertinent questions and answers that really get their neurons firing. In the early day’s people wrote their own online content, they didn’t even think of employing a copywriter, but now it’s almost mandatory, especially if you really want to succeed online. 

Copywriting is an art

Web designers don’t tend to be copywriters and graphic artists don’t tend to be coders. It’s not one-size fits all scenario anymore. Copywriting is an art and it requires a high level of experience. It has its roots in advertising, marketing and PR where good copywriting has to be compelling on a single showing. It has to be convincing and ultimately it has to convert just as effectively even on a website. It has to tell a story and it has to tell it well. It has to ask questions and answer them in the very same breath like an FAQ on steroids.

Content development is not just about SEO friendly keywords. It’s about thoughtfully selected graphics. It’s about simplicity and usability. It’s about leveraging idiomatic phrases and engaging clever wordplay to really get your point across. When it comes to landing pages or sales funnels we understand the human psyche, the way they use the page and even how much content they want to read.

For instance, bullet points used to be great for SEO but now they’re considered thin content by Google. We need to be concise but just not that concise. Illustrations are the same there’s no need for creating images as small a postage stamp! These days Google prefers that you explain, present and expand your points without getting too verbose in the process.

Sales Funnels that load fast work better

We can hype it up or tone it down to suit but in the end, sales funnels work better these days. Writers are like actors that script the part you want your customer to hear. We write for all types of businesses, departments or corporations. We can produce presentation scripts and corporate speeches but when it comes to landing pages, we can really save you time and money. Our click funnels are fully featured with automated mailing, videos, pop-ups, upsells and downsells and one-click processing but best of all they’re hyper-optimised to load incredibly fast so you don’t pay unnecessarily for click throughs that you’re paying for on Adwords or Facebook that never even get to see your content. We can produce the videos, the headlines, the wording and the graphics for your upcoming sales funnel.

When it comes to landing pages funnels do it better. Not only can your quality score make you more competitive on Adwords it can save you money on the cost you pay for every click, so we can write headlines that grab your prospects attention, invoke emotion, build anticipation and best of all convert like crazy

Stock photography and Graphic Design

Our creative team has an eye for graphic detail and conceptual clarity. As qualified designers, we understand what good imagery is. We are all qualified graphic designers and copywriters who understand the importance of interactivity and in enhancing user experience (UX). We utilise the world’s best performing templates and customise them to suit. Our copywriters are all locally based English speaking professionals who fully understand the necessities of semantic keyword optimisation in this current environment in order to make your site rank well on Google and, even more so, in building unique content that actively engages your visitors in order to provide higher conversion rates and sales performance.

So let’s talk

Call us for a quick no obligations coffee and chat. Our initial 60-minute consultations are completely free with no strings attached. During this session, we employ a simple question and answer process so we can understand your needs and requirements better. We want to know exactly what you’re trying to achieve with your content and we’ll produce a working scope that outlines the expected milestones for completing the project.

Take advantage. This is an opportunity too good to miss. Click the contact button or phone us directly on +64 3 981 9342

We take the copy out of copywriting

Copywriting is the classic misnomer because the best kind of content isn’t copied it’s fresh, invigorating and compellingly new.

Nothing beats a play on words or clever wordsmithing when it comes to an engaging website or social media article. In fact, Google rates unique content as an SEO ranking factor these days so that factor alone can lift your website well ahead of the pack.

The best headlines win the prize and rather than just being cunning clickbait they create a genuine hunger to be satisfied when they hit your landing page. But it doesn’t stop there, getting more traffic is great but conversions are far better

  • Digital media development
  • Branding/design consultation
  • Sales funnel design
  • Creative SEO copywriting
  • Photography and graphic design
  • Starting from $150/hr* NZD
  • * Plus GST for NZ customers


Innovative Local Web Design since 1996

Intermart is a leading web design company based in Christchurch, New Zealand that specialises in developing digital media strategies such as web site design and development.  As experienced design professionals, we understand exactly what it takes to make a website informative, search-engine-friendly and sales focused.

Our highly skilled creative team understands the power of imagery, typography and word triggers that extend to the integration of our uniquely trawled wordsets that are specifically tailored towards your industry or service. This major point of difference allows our SEO based copywriters to produce on-page content that genuinely reaches the first page results on Google.


“We’ve used Intermart’s services exclusively for all of our web needs for over 15 years now. Not only have all of our propeller brands been consistently ranking at the top of Google search during that time, their excellent graphics skills and their ongoing Adwords account management has kept us on the leading edge of our industry”





Call us to book a free 60-minute consultation over coffee on +64 3 981 9342 or simply fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you within the next 24 hours