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Get more leads, grow your business 

Intermart is an award-winning, web marketing agency based in Christchurch. Unlike other web design agencies, we are primarily concerned in generating qualified leads for our clients. We help small Kiwi businesses succeed online through our cutting-edge content creation, SEO, and website marketing services. We've also helped international brands such as Exxon Mobil with their digital presence here in NZ. ​ So if your business needs more than just a basic website or blog, be sure to contact us first!

We design cutting-edge websites with a suite of landing pages along with our market-leading digital marketing strategies. We also create compelling digital content for social media and blogs. Ultimately, we aim to radically increase your online sales through lead generation and brand awareness. We also develop innovative web apps that can complement your marketing strategy.

Our unique SEO techniques and digital marketing services have helped hundreds of companies all around New Zealand to boost their online presence on a wide range of platforms, such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. 

Our immersive technologies, such as our new interactive video module, can keep visitors glued to the screen for up to two minutes on average*

We design websites with the right body language 

In today's competitive market, you need to stand out from your competitors. To get noticed, your brand needs a unique mechanism. We look to isolate the big idea that can make you stand out online. By thoroughly analysing what your target audience really wants, we can build your brand around compelling concepts that answer all of their needs quite intuitively and encapsulated in an effective sales funnel.

We offer all of our clients high-quality, fully-branded designer websites that are hosted on the fastest servers on the planet. We design websites that will thoroughly engage your audience and intuitively encourage them to purchase you products or subscribe to your mailing list.

Over the past few decades, we've designed hundreds of full-service websites that are fully focused on conversion. We have also delivered highly effective digital solutions to hundreds of corporate clients, SMEs, charities, and start-ups all over New Zealand.

We start by isolating your ideal customer to fit your business strategy. Our customer support team and our marketing consultants consider whether you'll need PPC Advertising and which advertising campaigns might suit your requirements best, depending on your business size. We then create digital advertising strategies along with search engine optimisation strategies based on your search criteria to fulfil your company goals and build your company profile by specifically targeting leads based on your client profile.

Our comprehensive approach involves exploring advertising opportunities with ads on search engines such as Google and traditional digital channels like Facebook and Twitter. We also design a follow-up policy and building targeted email lists from your existing client base and communicating offers and deals to your visitors and providing desktop users and mobile users with an easy-to-use web design template to suit their needs. 

Bring your message to life

Words move people especially if they have the imagery to match. We craft content that makes your website look and sound more authoritative, more believable, and ultimately more persuasive. Through thoughtfully crafted ads with stand out imagery, and compelling catchphrases, we provide time tested strategies that get the job done

We also specialise in writing blogs and social media posts that can make your business thrive in a crowded marketplace.

Get found on Google search

Google uses complex algorithms to rank web pages. We leverage time-tested Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategies that can help you radically increase your visibility in the search results. 

As a well-established, SEO Agency, we know how to radically improve your search rankings with time-tested SEO strategies that will get you seen online. From Technical SEO to content development and keyword research we have the skills to make it happen. Find out MORE

Save time and money 

You don't really have the time or the money to waste on ineffective marketing or SEO light strategies, nor should you have to concern yourself about all the intricate technical aspects of building a website or managing a digital marketing campaign all by yourself. 

We're here to help

Would you like help with your digital media campaigns or website design? We'll take care of it all and save yourself the hassle!

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Our SEO Packages focus on building your on-page content by systematically tracking and building your keyword traffic performance, building up your backlink profile and honing your user engagement on a regular basis. 

We target a wide range of leading key phrases and longtail keywords based on AI algorithms and report on these factors on a monthly basis.

Our pricing is very competitive due to the quality of our tools and the speed that we can implement changes. Comparable SEO companies can charge well over $600 for SEO packages.

• Monthly SEO Optimisation. 

• Monthly Ranking Reports. 

• Best value on the market. 

• No fixed contract. 

• Terms and Conditions apply. 

  $ 400 +GST /month  more

Customised Site Bots

We offer the latest AI based FAQ services that trawl your content to give the best possible answers to commonly asked questions. These include a chat box where you can speak directly to your leads.

These highly intelligent bots also improve your SEO performance and engagement by leading visitors to important information on your site quickly and efficiently.

It is also strengthens your chances by being listed on Google's answer engine in the Christchurch region. 

This strategy is called Answer Engine Optimisation (AEO) and the technology we use will keep you way ahead of your competitors in the long term.

These AI based search bots help your visitors to get to relevant information far faster than merely browsing a website or through standard search features, which in turn, increases the chances of conversion.

They also radically decrease bounce rates and dwell time.

• Answer Engine Optimisation. 

• AI based Question Analysis. 

• Integrated Chat Engine. 

• Integrated Email Capture​. 

• Included in our SEO Easy package. 

   $ 400 +GST /installed  more

Semantic SEO Services

Topical models are vital to gaining higher visibility on the search engines in 2021.​

Our in-depth topical analysis isolates any topical gaps that your competitors are not taking advantage of and indicates if your rankings are suffering from keyword stuffing. 

These cutting edge Topical maps also provide an incomparable site structure that the google bots love. The models indicate any structural changes required to make your on-page content more engaging than your competitors.

We do this by creating a thoughtfully structured hierarchy for your web design that provides your visitors and customers with the information they're looking for. The packages we use utilise the latest AI to isolate what your audience is looking for and equally impresses the googlebots by providing consistent levels of topical relevance so that your business listing appears where others expect it to.

We are an SEO company that provides white label search engine optimisation services,  for web developers and  copy writers, on any subject, whether you're in Christchurch or Auckland. This includes  the development of  topical models

Contact us for more info

• SEO Infostructure. 

• Main Topics. 

• Sub Topics. 

• Topical Gaps. 

• Industry based. 

• AI Analysis. 

• Cutting-edge SEO Tools. 

• Perfect for SEO Copywriters. 

• Full Featured Report. 

• Excel Spreadsheet​s. 

   $ 1750 +GST /model  more


Get a FREE SEO Audit for your site

We also offer a free SEO Auditing service for interested parties that clearly reveals your current performance on the search engines. 

We analyse your search results page titles, alt text, schema and metadata along with speed performance on desktop and on mobile.

​We also audit your search traffic and visitor behaviours and the way they use your site and compare this against your Google Adwords' performance if you are using it.

This highly valuable research reveals what you need to address and why you need to do. Check out our case studies that indicate the level of performance that our search techniques produce.

Our techniques pinpoints the necessity of optimal search performance and enhancing your site visibility on a wide portfolio of search terms to make sure your investment in your website design results in increased sales for your business.

Take advantage of our long-term experience in SEO forensics by asking us to do an audit on your website free of charge and without any obligation.

If you have any further questions be sure to discuss it with our friendly SEO consultants based here in Christchurch.

• Isolates SEO requirements. 

• Full Analysis. 

• Content Analysis​. 

  $ FREE /audit.

White label SEO services for agencies

Our SEO team provides cutting-edge search strategies as white label services for  advertising agencies and web design businesses. These services including search based copy writing, content maximisation and enhancing your site structure and complementing your advertising portfolio.

• For Agencies. 

• For Web Developers. 

   $ POA


​SEO Strategy Christchurch

Topical Models

We start by building a topical model that immediately enhances your site structure

These information silos produce highly informative hierarchies  to build or reorganise your current content. 

• Topical gap isolation. 

• Topical Analysis. 

• Topical Ranking Reviews. 

• Keyword Stuffing Analysis. 

• Link Building Strategies. 

• Isolating high impact links. 

• State-of-the-art AI Tools.  

Guaranteed ​Search Ranking *

Our major focus is getting you be seen as high as possible on the search engines. We are one of very few SEO companies that guarantee an improvement in your rankings over a 3-month period*. 

Some SEO companies focus on a handful of major key phrases yet there is a far wider net available within every industry and we specifically target a minimum of 30 - key phrases.

Even though Google does rate a site cumulatively it is more specifically based on ranking all your landing pages one by one and that factor remains as a pivotal factor in our SEO strategy in 2021

• Search Engine Results. 

• SERPs. 

• Search Engine Ranking.  

• Site Ranking. 

• Page Ranking. 

• SEO Ranking. 

• Major Search Engines. 

     • Google. 

     •  Bing. 

     • Yahoo. 

     • Duck Duck Go.


SEO Experts Christchurch

We are highly experienced search engine strategists who consistently keep in touch with industry developments and have done so since 1996.

We have international experience having worked with Sears in the US and have worked with corporate giants such as Exxon Mobil. Yet we work with local businesses just as effectively.

Our expertise extends to Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing. We additionally specialise in Facebook Marketing and have also been highly successful with Google Ads. We can enhance your existing content or develop it from scratch.

We are happy to work behind the scenes or in front of them. We do discounted services for agencies and web developers based on volume.

Make our strength your own by taking advantage of our white label services.

•  International Experience. 

•  SEO Consultancy. 

•  SEM Marketing. 

•  Content Marketing.  

• White Label Agency. 

SEO Tools

Google Tools

We are highly experienced with the full range of Googles analytical tools and involve them in our process.

We also analyse their Search Engine Guidelines that they update annually. We test our rich snippets to give every opportunity to be picked up by their answer engine bot.

•  Google Analytics.  

•  Google Data Studio. 

•  Search Console. 

•  Search Engine Guidelines. 

•  Rich Snippets Tester. 

•  Speed Test. 

•  Google Search.  


Cutting edge SEO

Our real strength lies in the SEO tools that we use. 

Some of these we prefer to keep secret as they give us an edge in the market place. Yet in truth we are utilising the most cutting-edge tools that are available. Some we pay premium subscriptions to some we have lifetime licenses

The mix of tools include our proprietary tools that took over 10-years to build at a cost of around $100k

•  State-of-the-art AI tools. 

•  Worlds best SEO Tools. 

     •  High End Subscriptions. 

•  MarketMuse©  

     •  Investment $ 1499 USD/month. 

•  Frase© Answer Bot. 

Content Development Christchurch

Keyword Research in the local marketplace. 

We specialise in keyword analysis and have a wide range of industry tools that can isolate the leading words in your industry or service. On top of this we use tools such as WordLift text analysis by identifying matching entities, semantic co-ocurrence, internal links, structured data, schema markup and enhancing your industries vocabulary set through Artificial Intelligence

The other side of keyword maximisation focuses on sales based performance. The isolation of effective calls-to-action (CTAs) is as vital as semantic richness

The aim is to engage with your target audience and provide them with logical steps to take it to the next level.

•  Keyword Searches. 

•  Long tail search queries. 

•  Entity matching.  

•  Targetting commercial Intent. 

•  Find the most relevant Search terms. 

•  Natural Search matching. 

•  Co-occurrence maximisation. 

Stand out with Unique Conceptual Content 

We have in-house tools that optimise the unique value of your content. This tactic gives us an edge as our local competitors do not have access to these pattern matching tools unless we are providing them as white label services.  Our lingual search engine connects words that are intrinsically linked to specific industries and services by letter patterns alone.

Unique concepts engage your audience and create intrigue. This is a common technique in TV Advertising, where seemingly obscure concepts are merged by expanding existing neural pathways by extending them. They do this by grafting original material onto your existing memories.

We do this with web based content and media by creating memorable catch phrases that set you apart from your competitors on both search based and social media content.

•  CISE© Semantic Wordplay. 

•  Linguistic Pattern Integration. 

Optimise your site usability 

Your user experience is paramount. Usability is a ranking factor. The use of heatmap technology allows us to target effective calls-to-action and remodel areas on your page that are not working.

Speed is a vital element in website performance and the ease of navigation on individual pages and the ease of access to relevant information is priceless. 

This is where chat bots really come into their own as the become like highly streamlined search facilities for any major subject within your website and your landing pages

The main way to keep people on your website is through engagement. Topics need to be brief yet highly informative. Higher engagement levels result in a higher dwell time and a lower bounce rate.

In the end, your most vital metric is your conversion rate and your ROI. Optimising your tagging will allow us to target specific metrics of your performances site wide and this service is integrated within our monthly package, SEO Easy©.

Best thing is you don't have to concern yourself how to do it, our monthly reports focus on rankings and visibility and simplify the entire process for you.

•  Ergonomics. 

•  Engagement. 

•  Heatmap tracking. 

•  Dwell time. 

•  Bounce rate. 

•  Conversions. 

Answer Engine Optimisation Christchurch

​Leverage Google's Answer Engine

Google has invested a huge amount of money on it's answer engine. You'll see these answer blocks appear whenever you ask a question in search.

These and variations of them appear directly beneath the search query and provide quick rich snippets and links to the site it was found on.  

These are based an the age-old questions that relate to any subject or topic who, how, what, why, where and when.

The truth is that the most relevant answers win and smart SEOs know the real value of getting these top-of-the-page slots. 

•  Answer the public. 

•  AI Smart Bots. 

•  Enhances ranking.  

•  Brand Awareness​. 

​Target the right leads

The ultimate benefit of getting to the top of the search pages is traffic and yet an unengaging site won't provide any increased traffic levels if it doesn't convert to a lead.

The main aim of any website is to gain a sale, an appointment or an email address. If your site is not actively promoting these aspects your website will fall short. Information is not enough it is  merely bait to take the enquiry further. We make sure to design your content as marketing funnels that gain the results that your website is designed for.

•  Organic Traffic

     •  Organic Search Engine

     •  Search Engine Traffic

     •  Social Media Traffic

•  Pay-per-click (PPC) Traffic

•  Search Conversions

•  ROI Growth

Reach your target market with relevant content 

SEM relates to external sources such as Facebook, Google Ads and Instagram Advertising that link back to your website. 

Consider your website as a sales tool that converts your traffic into clients.  

The better your site is optimised to target what your visitors are looking for the more places it will appear on the search results.


•  Search Engine Visibility

•  Keywords targeting

•  Sales based

•  Inbound Social Media

     •  Target Audience

•  Increased Traffic

•  Lead conversion

•  Site Performance 

•  SEO expert

​Local SEO in Christchurch, Auckland & Wellington

Most businesses target local SEO listings. Best practice SEO covers Google MyBusiness, Facebook pages, YouTube subscriptions and Google Ad campaigns. 

We specifically target local key phrases with commercial intent and build your domain authority by analysing your competitors in depth.

•  Google My Business. 

•  Commercial Intent. 

•  Competitor Analysis. 

•  Domain Authority. 

International SEO in the US and Australia. 

We have worked for international clients such as Sears and ExxonMobil as well as many SMEs in the US, Australia and Italy. 

International brands need a different approach to be successful and we ae experienced in doing that. This is especially helpful if you want to build you base around the globe.

•  Competitor Analysis. 

•  Keyword research.  

•  CDN Integration. 

​Technical SEO Specialists

We provide best practice services for technical SEO. 

These include:

•  On page SEO. 

•  Headers. 

•  Anchor Text. 

•  Alt text descriptions. 

•  Internal linking. 

•  Metadata. 

•  Meta descriptions. 

•  Google Tags. 

•  Schema Integration. 

​Off page SEO. 

Off page SEO is about link building, promotion, social media and local listings. Our software tools can isolate low hanging backlinks that your competitors are using and other opportunities that they are not.

 •  Industry based Link building. 

•   Outbound links. 

SEO Forensics. 

We excel in isolating what is causing a site to be non-competitive in search. These include, but are not limited to, the common problems in the industry that are listed below. 

Usually these are caused by inexperienced SEOs or amateurs who still think the premillennial technique of keyword stuffing or being sold dodgy backlinks.

•  Duplicate content. 

•  Keyword Stuffing. 

•  Unrelated Backlinks. 

•  Plagiarism.  

•  Black Hat SEO. 

SEO Blog posts by Peter Hatherley

•  SEO is alive

•  Conversational Semantics

•  Hummingbird's Colorful Secret

•  Speed Counts


Frequently asked questions about SEO

Related questions that are asked on Google:

What is SEO? 

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimisation. SEOs are professionals who offer this service.

What is Search Engine Optimisation? 

SEO is a set of techniques and strategies that are utilised to improve your sites visibility.

Why do I need SEO? 

SEO gets your website to the top of the search engines and it vital to your online visibility without it you will not be seen on the search result pages.

What does SERP mean? 

A SERP is a Search Engine Results Page.

What are search optimisation services? 

There are 3-types of SEO. All are necessary to succeed online. 

On-page SEO. 

Off-page SEO. 

Technical SEO. 

What is search marketing? 

Search marketing involves SEO optimization and is otherwise known as Content Marketing.

What are conversion rates?

Conversion rates are the number of visitors that either buy, download or give you their email.

Is Google's algorithm important? 

Google changes its algorithm regularly even on a daily basis. They usually have 2-3 major updates a year so it's important to employ SEOs to keep on top of it.

What is content marketing? 

Content marketing is search marketing in another guise. Professional content development gets you seen in a wide range of places in search rather than just appearing for major search terms.

What is keyword research? 

Keyword research involves isolation of both the short-tail and long-tail queries that are commonly found in your industry.

What is anchor text? 

Anchor text is used to quickly reach relevant information within your website.

What is alt text? 

Alt-text is the description provided for images on your website. 

This is particularly useful for the search bots in analysing your content's relevance. These days Tensor Flow, an artificial intelligence algorithm for images can isolate whether these images are relevant or not or are merely keyword stuffing. 

What is black hat SEO? 

Dodgy SEO techniques such as irrelevant backlinks and keyword stuffing. 

What is organic traffic? 

Organic traffic is traffic generated by search engine listings. These business listings enhance your online visibility by gaining more website visitors. Rankings are vital in the current marketplace

Is keyword density important? 

Yes, but too many keywords is counterproductive . Getting that balance right is a fine art. Keyword searches indicate what your potential customers are looking for.

What is keyword stuffing? 

Putting too many repetitive keywords on a page. Google penalises this technique by making your website appear lower in the listings. 

Is page speed important for SEO? 

Very much so and in 2021 it's about to become more important than ever.

Should I do SEO long term? 

Doing short term SEO is a fools game. The goalposts are always shifting and you need an experienced SEO to keep you ahead of the pack to consistently gain new customers. 

What is keyword analysis? 

Analysing the keyword density within a web page. 

What are Google ranking factors? 

Every year Google produces a guide for manual website evaluation. This guide includes over 200 factors. 

What are backlinks? 

Back links are relevant and reciprocal links to other websites and directories. 

Are backlinks necessary? 

I have seen websites rank without back links to other sites yet it is considered best practice to use them.

Are meta tags necessary? 

They are absolutely vital. Metadata acts as a compass to the bots. These include the title and the description of a page. If you don't include them Google will automatically generate these for you.

Does SEO generate additional traffic? 

Yes, but only if its visible. In general terms you need to be on the first page to attract new customers as the best results come from the top-3 listings.

How much does SEO service cost? 

In NZ the range is between $400-$800 per month excluding GST.

Is SEO still relevant in 2021? 

Extremely relevant. Christchurch businesses should take SEO far more seriously than ever before. Local search optimisation is a must especially in a COVID based economy

How long does SEO take to work? 

It depends. Your business should consider SEO optimisation on your website as an annual expense much like an advertising budget. Easing off may counteract your efforts over time as Google is continually shifting the goalposts.


Pre-optimised Topical Model *  



Industry-based Topical Model

Answer Engine Friendly

AI Generated Models

Completer Site Structure

Phrase based Indexing

Industry based terminology



Daily monitoring

Up to 30 Keyphrases

Content Optimisation

Back link Optimisation

Monthly Reporting

No fixed contract

Monthly SEO Optimisation*



On-page Content Analysis

Off-page Content Analysis

Technical SEO Audit

Google Tagging Analysis

Schema Analysis

Backlink Analysis

SEO Site Audit*

* Deposit 1 month advance payment. 

No fixed contracts.


* Deposit 50% up front. 

Standard websites only

*  FREE Audit for standard websites only Additional charges may apply for ecommerce


Prices are subject to change without notice and are GST exclusive. Special conditions apply

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