Web marketing is going through a huge transformation right around the globe. Semantic optimisation has taken hold of the market thanks to breakthrough books of the subject such as David Amerland’s Google Semantic Search and understanding these developments is absolutely vital in this new environment

Now you can buy a professional WordPress template for less than $100. You can use a CMS such as WordPress that costs you absolutely nothing apart from the installation. So the roles of graphic artists and programmers have diminished incredibly over the past few years but the really big need is rich authoritative content. If you can’t provide that you need to find someone who can.

White hat SEO still works well and so does Google Adwords but the major element you require now is rich authoritative content.

May web designers prefer to let the client provide the copy and structure but that’s a bit like a recipe for disaster in my view. So how can you find an expert on these subjects who can write this sort of content for you (surely it would cost an arm and a leg).

Not so. Our Latent Semantic Themesets cost less than $300+GST and provide a pool of authoritative words that will really get Google’s wheel spinning. We can even create word sets of up to 5000 words per subject if necessary or we can provide the top 200 or top 5o semantic matches for your subject. In reality the sky is the limit. See our article on Predictive Semantics on Google + here http://goo.gl/dyPQjt

It is the most important factor in web design these days.  Whether you’re in Christchurch or New York semantic web marketing is what will set you apart.

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