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Conceptual Intelligence that Sparks Creativity

Semantic SEO & Disambiguation

“Everything is connected” – Leonardo DaVinci

SEO has evolved. Conversational search and semantic search demands a far more relational approach but where are you going to get those relationships from? Where can you find these links?

CISE Wordbanks connect all the dots for your product and service. They open up an impressive array creative opportunities for your SEO target by examining and collating patterns found to be related to your search terms. 

Our word banks have been available as a white-label product since 2012. They’ve been used by companies as big as Sears in the US for big data services and as small as local drain layers here in New Zealand. 

Increase your quality scores and get better bids

CISE Wordbanks not only improve your ranking on the search engines they improve the quality scores for your landing pages on Google AdWords this means you can save you money and improve your campaign performance by not paying unnecessarily for your bidding.

Google’s mantra is relevancy and this is reflected in your quality scores. Sure, you can bid high to get to the top of the search results but you pay a premium price if your page isn’t as relevant as others. By optimising the SEO quality of your landing pages you can substantially decrease your click-through costs and not only that, improve your potential to convert. It not only improves your quality scores but it also can decrease your bounce rate and increases your visitor’s dwell time once they’ve arrived.

Shut out your competitors for good

We also have a package called CISE Exclusive which means you can purchase exclusive rights to a location meaning your competitors won’t be able to purchase a CISE Wordbank in your specific location. For large cities, we limit these to suburbs and for smaller towns and cities we’ll provide full exclusive cover for that location.

So you better be quick because a competitor could snap this up and shut you out for good. See our pricing here

Who are we?

Intermart Digital is a leading web marketing company based in Christchurch who have created and deployed hundreds of successful websites ranking throughout New Zealand, Australia, Europe and the US, over the past 20 years. We developed CISE when we saw a need to provide high-quality, seo-friendly content for clients who weren’t able to write their own content effectively.

It quickly spread to a tool that could be utilised by other web content writers and SEO marketers all around the globe. After thorough testing, we have released this to general use for agencies, web developers and copywriters as a white label product.

Check out the pricing below or contact us to discuss what package would best suit your needs

  • Isolate the semantic keywords for your niche
  • Reduce your keyword research time
  • Leading terms ranked heirarchically
  • Increase your landing page quality
  • Exclusive location access available
  • Interactive mindmaps in contextual clusters
  • CISE Search packages available
  • Build your own unique Wordbanks
  • Starting from $49/month* USD
  • * Includes GST for NZ customers

CISE Search Tool

  • Unlimited semantic word search tool
  • Idiomatic phrases and entities
  • Related SEO keyword phrases
  • Check terms, names and brands
  • Minimum 3 month period

CISE Wordbanks

  • Access Custom-built CISE Wordbanks*
  • Smart datasets as Writebot Voices
  • Ordered hierarchically by usage
  • Access via Botnik Predictive Writer
  • 3 x custom Wordbanks per month*
  • Minimum 3 month period

* Organised in specific positive, neutral and negative clusters



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