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When it comes to presenting with Microsoft Powerpoint, you can really look smart with Intermart.

We are able to build  highly effective Powerpoint Presentations that really get your point across.  In many cases you only get the one opportunity to make your pitch and to do it professionally might mean the difference between ultimate success or failure.

You could, of course, do it yourself but as you know, owning Photoshop doesn’t make you an artist and owning Powerpoint doesn’t make you a presenter. Our presentations include audio, animation and enhanced graphics along with colour coordination. We’ve created professional presentations for such diverse clients as the Antarctic Centre, ExxonMobil, the BNZ and Price Waterhouse.

We can take your basic outline and put the icing on the cake for you. It’s the sizzle that sells the steak and if you want to make your next presentation really stand out give us a call or drop us an email. We’re happy to provide a fixed quote or an hourly rate for any project.

We also specialise in creating innovative presentations on the very latest platforms such as Prezi and Keynote. Our strong presenting skills have been built around our knowledge in the mechanics of developing professionally persuasive multimedia-based presentations. Your presentation can include audio, video animation, enhanced graphics and exact colour coordination.

We can advise you how to get the very best out of your next presentation. Because presenting is an art in itself and the structure of your presentation is vital to successfully present your points.

Need help with your Presentation?

If you’re struggling to make that important Powerpoint presentation look professional or just if need more impact with the structure and wording of your presentation, we can really take it to the next level for you, whether you need custom backgrounds, video integration, flash animation or power copy. It’s your presentation and primarily we want to make you look good!

 Online Presentations

Our recent work with AAML funds is a prime example of this. This dynamic presentation was made in Prezi. It has a very smooth flow and is based on zooming and scanning rather than following a slide by slide format. It is available to use online and can be played directly on an iPad or a fullscreen projector via Mac or PC.

Call us today on (643) 981 9342 if you’re here in Christchurch anywhere else in NZ. You’d be surprised how cost-effective it might be.