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Media Marketing

Need SEO Search Engine Optimisation?

We use SEO strategies that get seen and heard on Google

Visibility is vital to your online marketing success whether it’s through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) on Google or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) on Adwords® or Facebook Marketing®

SEO is the primary form of visibility online yet many sites have not been optimised to their full potential. We know what it takes to get to the top of the search results because we are highly-experienced SEO specialists having optimised a wide range of keywords and keyword phrases for over 22 years.

Experience pays

SEO with Google Search

Want to rank higher on Google search?

Experience really counts when it comes to search engine optimisation because distilling this type of knowledge takes time. SEO is a complicated science that takes intuitive expertise and in-depth knowledge that requires years of insight, planning and testing.

There are 100s of ranking factors involved according to the Google search team and it gets more complicated by the day. That’s why we maintain a very close eye on search engine algorithm changes and best practice SEO protocols such as location, product and authorship schema and descriptive meta tags and H1 titles that get clicked.

On top of that, there’s a huge difference between Local SEO and international SEO and we know how to do both effectively.

On-page SEO is the secret source

But in the end, our main point of difference is our unique on-page search optimisation otherwise known as semantic search which is a skill our CEO Peter Hatherley is known for internationally on social media. Targeted semantic matching additionally leverages conversational queries to boost your ranking potential even further. Connectivity is also vital and getting high-quality backlinks are also a high priority,

Some SEO clients have been at the top for 15 years

Some of our clients have enjoyed over 15 years of top tier positioning for 100s of brands. Voice activated search is on the rise and by providing a rich semantic smorgasbord we increase your chances of being found by unique queries via Google’s RankBrain algorithm.

Analysing Google Analytics is part of the package

By keeping a close eye on your stats in Google Analytics we develop robust strategies to keep you well ahead of your competitors. We look to frame your expectations more perfectly by targeting qualified traffic with genuine commercial intent. We do this by integrating strong brand recognition strategies within your target demographic. We also can optimise the SEO potential for any of your YouTube videos as well as scripting and producing high-performance videos.

Another major benefit of SEO optimisation is that they provide higher quality scores for Google Adwords meaning you pay less per click than without them

We produce industry leading SEO Wordsets

Our industry-leading SEO Wordsets provide a comprehensive smorgasbord of the leading vocabulary and terminology for any service or industry and we have white-labelled these sets to other SEO specialists here in New Zealand, Australia and the US as a service since 2012. These sets are a combination of letter-matches, synonyms and concepts related to your industry

We are highly-respected wordsmiths who know how to craft creative ideas that not only catch the eye of your audience but also hold their attention with our skillfully crafted content but also impress the Google-bots to improve search positioning. We craft catchphrases and calls to action within your content keeping any distraction onsite to a minimum and keeping your prospects fully focused on your sales pitch.

Monthly SEO Maintenance packages

Apart from initially positioning your site on Google (if you’ve purchased one of our web design packages), we offer affordable monthly maintenance packages where we act as your virtual partner maintaining and improving your position progressively in the long term whether it’s reacting to algorithm changes or responding to your competition jockeying for position at the top of the SERPs.

Do it now …

Call us for a chat and coffee. Our initial 60-minute consultations are totally complimentary so there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain. After we understand exactly what you’re trying to achieve with your brand we’ll produce a working scope that outlines the expected milestones for completing your brand redevelopment.

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Leading SEO strategies that work

Make sure your website gets seen in all the right places

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Highly-experienced specialists
  • Professional SEO copywriting
  • Schema and meta tags
  • Monthly SEO packages
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Usability testing
  • Starting from $95* NZD/month
  • * Plus GST for NZ customers

Need better Adwords results?

The hidden power of well-written AdWords ads

Google Adwords is the premium method of advertising available online. Most Advertisers see it as a bidding war. Most writers are stuck in SEO mode and it’s true Google points you to the keywords in the first place but we see it as an opportunity to write an ad, create some intrigue rather than merely keyword stuffing

Our tools mine letter patterns and context, where others haven’t, providing us with a palette of possible word plays and clever hooks much like having Photoshop for words

Crafting Higher Quality scores through optimised funnels


We understand the intricacies of rating system that Google employs through years of thorough testing and listening. Their holy grail is the user experience (UX). So speed is extremely vital that’s why our Fast Funnels package can deliver in less than 3-seconds anywhere in the world. This means that the prospects are not missing out with slow loading sites, so those sites have to bid more if they want to get to the top. But it’s more than that…

Landing pages need to be in sync with the ads, in fact, the more specifically they match the ad conceptually the better. We recommend custom building intermediary funnels. We learnt this by working in high impact areas such as Florists and Travel agencies where the conversions have to right on the money, day after day.

Experienced AdWords Analysts who know their Analytics

Adwords campaign management is complicated at best, knowing what to test, knowing what to look for. It’s easy to be boggled by the figures but we know where we’re going and exactly what we’re looking for because we’re highly experienced. Yet the last thing Adwords managers usually do is think creatively. It’s a left brain experience much like accounting so right brain thinking doesn’t come easy.

Tightly controlled bidding strategies

Tightly reined campaigns cost less and reap more yet some bid as if there was no tomorrow, not knowing their quality score is their arch enemy. There are 1001 traps for young players, even for the juniors who’ve found the cheat sheet for the Google partner’s multichoice exam. Even if you’re at the top, if you’re not saying the right things other advertisers are going to get the click instead.

How to avoid the tyre kickers

Getting to the top is great. Yet No.1 is not necessarily the best spot. Sometimes it is, it varies industry by industry. Yet sometimes the sweet spot for conversions is No.2 or No.3.The problem with the top spot is that it can attract tyre-kickers on subconscious autopilot. If there’s no cognition, it seems there’s less ignition. So the ones who actually consciously consider the words tend to have the more commercial intent

Do it now …

Call us for a chat and coffee. Our initial 60-minute consultations are totally complimentary so there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain. After we understand exactly what you’re trying to achieve with your marketing we’ll produce a working scope that outlines of  our AdWords management system

Click the contact button or phone us directly to plan an appointment on +64 3 981 9342

  • Daily/Hourly monitoring
  • Responsive bidding
  • Advert optimisation
  • Landing page optimisation
  • Time-zone targeting
  • Google Analytics monitoring
  • 17 years experience
  • Monthly Adwords Packages
  • Starting from $197* NZD/Month
  • * Plus GST for NZ customers

Expanding on Social Media

Need a stronger Social Media Presence?

Social Media Marketing is all about creating a presence and the best way to do this is through planning a systematic approach to positioning yourself whether you’re promoting your business on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn or Twitter. Consistency is the key when you’re building your online presence. It has to synchronise perfectly like a huge jigsaw puzzle.

Creating posts that really count

If you’re needing to look professional on social media you need to lay foundational guidelines for any future posts much like branding. Social media needs to garner likes and ultimately increasing your influence in your niche. Whether it’s for a boosted article, a quick post, or a structured campaign you need guidance on what and how you should approach it

Finding your audience in the right place

facebook-marketingUnderstanding your demographic is absolutely vital. Who they are and what they do. You have to speak to them, engage them and appropriately respond to any comments you receive and that takes planning

You also need to use all the right lingo in all the right places. That’s why we recommend using our SEO Wordsets sets as a foundational starting point as they are perfect for generating ideas to suit your industry. Sure, we can do this intuitively at times but writer’s block affects a lot of marketers but these subtle reminders act like firestarters invoking conceptual thinking that sets you apart from your competitors in the long-term and can be utilised for any form of marketing

One post to suit them all

We have systems where you post on one platform and it then propagates on the other platforms you are targeting but these need follow up. We can provide ghostwriter facilities where we respond to you social media posts

Professional writers say it better

We all know how to write but when it comes to writing articles that you intend to boost on Facebook you need some smarts. Profession copywriting is likely to express your points more succinctly and elicit a higher response than if you wrote it yourself. Social media marketing is all about crafting engaging ideas that catch the attention and engage your prospects while subtly building authority and credibility in your industry. 

The reality is that you need to engage your visitors with intrigue and expectancy to really get their neurons firing. In the early day’s people wrote their own online content, they didn’t even think of employing a copywriter, but now it’s almost mandatory, especially if you really want to succeed online. 

Sales Funnels synchronise with your marketing goals

We write headlines that grab your prospects attention, invoke emotion, build anticipation and best of all convert like crazy Every marketing promotion needs to synchronise to your foundational marketing goals. Our click funnels are fully featured with automated mailing, videos, pop-ups, upsells and downsells and one-click processing but best of all they’re hyper-optimised to load incredibly fast so you don’t pay unnecessarily for click throughs for that never reach the intended destination. We can produce interactive videos, headlines, and the graphic designs on demand for all your upcoming social media promotion.

Superior Stock photography and Graphic Design

Our creative team has an eye for graphic detail and conceptual clarity. As qualified designers, we understand what good imagery is. We are all qualified graphic designers and copywriters who understand the importance of interactivity and in enhancing user experience (UX).  Our copywriters are all locally based English speaking professionals who fully understand the necessities of semantic keyword optimisation and, even more so, in building unique content that actively engages your visitors in order to produce higher conversion rates and sales performance.

So let’s talk…

Call us for a quick no obligations coffee and chat. Our initial 60-minute consultations are completely free with no strings attached. During this session, we employ a simple question and answer process so we can understand your needs and requirements better. We want to know exactly what you’re trying to achieve with your content and we’ll produce a working scope that outlines the expected milestones for completing the project.

Take advantage. This is an opportunity too good to miss. Click the contact button or phone us directly on +64 3 981 9342

How to be found in all the right places

  • Digital media development
  • Branding/design consultation
  • Sales funnel design
  • Creative SEO copywriting
  • Photography and graphic design
  • Starting from $150/hr* NZD
  • * Plus GST for NZ customers



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