Thematic meaning in the real world

Conversational voice search is the step that moves away from semi-robotic queries and clarifies the absolute need for developing superior semantic meaning in search technology.

But take it even one step further and it gets even more exciting.

I’m talking about the use of conversational semantics in real time communication in the real world. This worldwide phenomena is not just about the digital world but has the potential to improve comprehension and understanding worldwide.

Unfortunately, at this point, the use of qualifers is so limited that most conversational communication continues to keep the door wide open for innuendo and surmising.

But it is far easier to get people on exactly the same page simply and effectively by stating your intention more clearly.

By adding qualifiers you clarify meaning with everything you say and make it far easier for anyone that is listening to ‘get it’. This new level of communication builds respect and authority not only on line but in life itself.

Voice search is basically this same phenomena translated into a digitised form. But at this point it is still baby steps.

Most communication doesn’t include this simple step because people expect others to understand them. It hasn’t previously been seen as being important within a conversation even though surmising is a monkey that everyone wrestles with.

In my experience the simple addition of one qualifying additive is usually enough to close the door to confusion. It clarifies the conversation and helps everyone else involved, and it’s exactly the same in this brave new world of conversational semantics.

Simply qualify what you’re saying with other words that make it clearer, and even if it wasn’t perfect, chances are that it will lessen the chance of miscommunication in everything you write and in everything you say.  The danger of under-qualification is communication breakdown and ultimately argument and confrontation, in the digital world it is characterised by a lack of sales, confusion and ultimately failure.

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